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We have been around for 60 years and have seen our fair share of trends come and go over the years. Knowing what’s trending and going out of style is paramount to not only understanding the business we’re in, but also where the business is going. Styles come and go so quickly now because of the ease in which we consume digital media. It’s all at our finger tips now. We are very conscious of what customers are trending towards, but we also have the ability to influence what customers should be looking for and how to wear it too. Our attention to detail, vision for what will complement each individual, combined with in-house tailor services is really what separates our expertise and store from any chain or franchise store.

We provide services tailored towards our expertise in men’s formal, dress and casual wear. We’ve found that the more options and variety we have to show you will help put you at ease. Gaining an understanding of your vision and being able to collaborate with you in achieving your vision is truly the fun part for us and why we love what we do. Dressing up should be fun; leave the stress of everything else prior to your wearing date up to us.

When it comes to finding your grad attire or planning your wedding we want to make the experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. We are the clothing experts and we are here to listen, consult, and help guide you with all the means to make your grad or wedding day as special as it should be.

For inspiration check out our collabs gallery of grads and couples we’ve helped!

Collabs Gallery

Welcome to our Collabs Gallery!

Check out local photographers and videographers with whom we’ve collaborated with to provide you some inspiration for your grad or wedding! Enjoy!

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Always Forever Studio by Chelsey Krause

Finding Your Grad Attire and Planning Your Wedding

If you’re interested in checking out our grad or wedding options, we recommend calling ahead to ensure we have someone available to help you when you come in. If you are uncomfortable at this time coming into the store we will accommodate you by being your personal on-the-go consultant provide through social media, e-mail or direct message communication.

To make your experience a whole lot easier from the beginning, check out our “Tips to Finding Your Attire”. You’ll be happy you did! We can’t wait to help you on your journey to the most wonderful day!

When you first arrive at the store you will have many options to choose from. From off-the-rack suits, tailored perfectly to fit the grad, groom and/or groomsmen, custom made suits, tuxedo and suit rentals, to out-of-the-box ideas, we have and do it all. We have a vast selection of garments tastefully complimented by a distinct collection of footwear and accessories to accommodate any and every shape and size.

For those “out-of-the-box” grad and weddings, we have the ability to provide you with ideas that will stand out from traditional attires and give you the confidence and comfort to look and feel your best on that special day.

The Experience

The experience starts with personal introductions, getting a feel for what you are looking for and providing you with the option to purchase or rent. From there we can now consult and provide you budget options for both, depending on what you’re vision is. Once we have an idea of what that is we’ll help you visualize this by showing you what we have to offer. For custom garments, we’ll provide you with swatch options and guide you through all other options available. Measuring, sizing and fitting will help us give you an idea of what your vision could look and feel like. If we have everything in-stock and you’re comfortable and confident with what you’ve chosen, we’ll begin tailoring your garments. If we have to order pieces of your attire in, once arrived, we may require you to come in again for a fitting and then tailoring will begin. Upon completion of your tailored garments we will notify you and a final fitting may be required in case further tailoring is needed. If every item meets your approval we will make sure all your garments leave the store pressed and ready to wear. If needed, we’ll even shine your shoes.


Tips to Finding Your Attire

Purchasing allows us to explore many different options, collections and ideas, especially if you’re thinking of non-traditional grad or wedding attire. In the event we don’t have something in-stock we have in-stock product, fabric swatch boards, catalogues and pictures for you to look through. Realizing that a catalogue, picture or swatch might not do the item justice, we will work together to find something that will help you visualize and realize its potential.

Rental options are limited, but the rental company provides a few options that cater towards slim, modern and classic stylings. We’ll guide you through all the options available in the rental catalogue, as well as fabric swatches, to give you a better idea of each items true colour and feel.

Purchasing Items


When it comes to suits there are two options:

An off-the-rack suit can be purchased and specifically tailored in store by our expert tailor, Mildred. We usually have about 200 – 250 suits on hand at any given time, each with its own unique fit, fabric style and details. (Available in BIG & TALL)

A custom suit is made to your exact body specifications where a custom pattern is created based on your body measurements. You’ll have your choice of fabrics, cuts and finer details included in the process. A custom suit will take approximately 6 weeks to be made at the factory and shipped to the store, and then additional fittings and tailoring time will proceed.

We require at least 2 separate fittings

Tailoring/Alterations are included in the price of the suit

Off-The-Rack suits start at $259 – Custom Suits start at $795


If you’re looking to wear a vest with a jacket it’s a nice added piece that adds another layer to an already completed outfit. It also looks great to wear on its own if you’re not wanting a jacket for those hot summer days.

Vests start at $95

Dress Pant, Semi-dress Pant or Jeans

If you don’t want to wear a suit jacket or you’d prefer a sport jacket or vest instead, this is a perfectly acceptable option to dress up or dress down. Available in slim, modern, and classic fits. (Alterations are included; however specific alterations may result in an extra cost)

Dress Pants start at $85
Semi-Dress Pant start at $85
Jeans start at $88


When it comes to shirts there are many different options, but we prefer to start with what fit is preferred, suggested or necessary. Next we look at colours, patterns, or styles that are available based on fit, followed by what price point you are most comfortable with. If we do not have a specific colour to show you or quantity on hand we will search or inquire on availability through the many suppliers we deal with. (Custom tailoring is available at your request or as needed with an extra cost)

Based on Fit: Slim, Modern, Classic (Available in BIG & TALL)
Price Range: $69.95 – $199 (Most Popular Price Ranges are $69.95 and $98)


While every piece of your outfit is important, finding the right pair of shoes is one of the most important pieces. After all, you’re on your feet for most of the day, so not only will you want them looking stylish, but you’ll want to be comfortable in them too.

We have a wide variety of shoes available in many different colours, styles and sizes with medium or wide widths. Staying with current modern fashion trends, brown shoes are your go-to shoe colour. Every shoe we carry offers a soft cushioned inner sole for long lasting comfort.

Price Range: $125 – $235


We have a diverse collection of ties that are available in solid colours multiple different patterns and fabrics. (Available in BIG & TALL)

We will have fabric swatch samples or in-stock ties available for you to look at. If we do not have a specific colour to show you or quantity on hand we will search or inquire on availability through the many suppliers we deal with.

Ties start at $45 (Available in BIG & TALL)

Other Accessories

Pocket Squares

A pocket square adds a touch of class that can be worn with a boutonniere or on its own and it really ties the shirt or tie together with the entire outfit.

Price Range: $20 – $40


Choosing a belt becomes easier once you have chosen your shoes. Every belt we have has a matching shoe counterpart, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Price Range: $50 – $95


The uptake in men’s fashion has spurred the popularity in fashionable suspenders. Not only do they keep your pants up from falling down, but now, more than ever, they’re the hip item to wear. With lots of colours to choose from, you can match with your suit or pant colour or who knows what out-of-the-box ideas we’ll come up with together. Either way they’re a lot of fun and a great conversation starter.

Price Range: $40 – $55


Who doesn’t like a fresh new pair of socks? Especially given the occasion. You can stick to a traditional plain pair that matches your pant colour or you can follow the trend and find something bolder.

Price Range: $10 – $25


If you’re looking for a bit of flash or going all out you should think about wearing some bling. Tie bars and cuff links are the perfect way to put some shine on elegance.

Jewellery starts at $45

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