As we all navigate through these unprecedented times together, we will continue our dedication in providing our community of loyal patrons a destination where you feel safe and comfortable, in the most authentic atmosphere that encourages conversation and connection. We are always understanding and mindful of people’s perspective, situation and adaptability towards our current social interactions as a community and as a society.

In that respect we’ve taken the following precautions for the safety and comfort of your in-store experience:

  1. Hand sanitizer available on our counter upon entry into our store.
  1. Mandatory Masking (subject to change)
  1. Social Distancing
  1. Diligently cleaning surfaces, equipment and product.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to phone in your purchase please call us at (306) 773-5196

*Closet Cleaning and Wardrobe Assessment are currently unavailable due to Covid restrictions.